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Nurse Midwifery Program

Nurse-midwives at St. Joseph’s Center for Women’s Health are experts in natural childbirth. It is our goal to educate every mother-to-be and her loved ones about childbirth options so that they can actively participate in the decision making process.

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

St. Joseph’s nurse-midwives offer personalized attention during the birthing process in the safety of the hospital for those who desire a natural childbirth experience. Our nurse-midwives are on staff and in-house day and night from Monday through Friday, and on call during weekends and holidays.

St. Joseph's Nurse-Midwife Philosophy

At St. Joseph’s, we believe that you should be actively involved in decisions about your childbirth experience. We strive to provide appropriate information and support to allow for the optimal childbirth experience.

While nurse-midwives support women in all childbirth preferences, our focus and expertise is natural childbirth. We support this through individualized or group care that educates mothers-to-be about their bodies, the childbirth experience and ways they can participate fully in a natural childbirth experience.

Nurse-Midwife Deliveries

Natural deliveries at St. Joseph’s allow moms-to-be to experience the comfort and control of a traditional birth center, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that medical intervention is readily available if necessary. With a nurse-midwife delivery, moms can have:

  • A natural childbirth
  • Freedom to walk, eat and drink while in labor
  • No routine IV or blood work while in labor
  • Breastfeeding and bonding support at birth
  • A shower, if desired, during labor and after delivery
  • Active participation in decision making
  • Treatment for pain, if preferred or requested

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For more information on our nurse midwives, call 602-406-7564.

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